Bolt ART 88912 M8x25 10.9 toothed zinc scarf


Technical characteristics

Bolt ART 88912 M8x25 10.9 toothed zinc scarf
Bolt ART 88912 M8x25 10.9 toothed zinc scarf креслення
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Fastening groupHigh-strength fastening
StandardART 88912
Strength class10.9
CoatingFlake zink
Diameter, mm8
Length, mm25
Type of carvingFull
SlotHexagonal (INBUS)
Thread typeMetric
Threading step, mm1.25
Turnkey size, mm6
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Показати більше
Bolt ART 88912 M8x25 10.9 toothed zinc scarf
Bolt ART 88912 M8x25 10.9 toothed zinc scarf креслення

The toothed flange protects the bolt from self-unscrewing during load moments, increasing the frictional force of touch. The notched flange fits snugly to the base of the material, preventing it from breaking under force.

The peculiarity of the ART 88912 bolt is that it is ideal for screw connections, when the bolt is screwed into the part, without fixing the nut on the reverse side, and the thread is cut in the body of the part. In such cases, locking from untwisting is required just under the bolt cap. And in order not to use the engraver, the design of the hat provides a flange with notches, which is much more effective at constant vibration loads. It can be used in through holes, with a fixing nut, but from unscrewing, the connection, in this case, must be protected in the place of clamping the nut to the part and the design features of the bolt cap will play almost no role. Therefore, it will not be a rational use of such hardware.

Scope mainly mechanical engineering, instrument making, automotive industry.

Material high-strength structural alloy steel. High strength class 10.9 allows the use of bolts for high-load connections.

Coating Zinc (Plated) protects against corrosion if you plan to use fasteners in aggressive conditions.

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