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Clamps for fastening lining, chipboard, MDF

      Clamps (or also called connecting elements) are used for fastening lining, chipboard and MDF. They help connect the panels to each other, creating a strong and stable connection.
      Clippers can have different shapes and sizes, but basically they consist of two parts: an elastic plate and a fixing plug. The elastic plate is inserted into the gap between the panels, and the locking plug secures the plate, clamping the panels together.

Use of clamps

      The use of clamps has several advantages when fastening lining, chipboard and MDF:

  • Ease of installation: Clamps allow you to quickly and easily connect panels to each other without the need to use folding fasteners or special tools. This allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort required for installation.
  • Reliability and durability: Clamps provide a strong and stable connection between panels. They help prevent panels from tearing, sliding or splitting, especially during changes in temperature or humidity where the materials may expand or contract.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Clasps provide an even and seamless appearance to the joined panels. They avoid visible screws, nails or other fasteners, which improves the visual aspect of the interior or exterior.
  • Repair and replacement: The use of clamps makes it easier to repair or replace individual panels. If it is necessary to remove a panel, the clamps can be easily disassembled and then reconnected without damaging the panel itself or surrounding elements.

In general, the use of clamps allows you to create a strong, reliable and aesthetic connection between lining, chipboard or MDF, simplifies installation and provides convenience in case of potential repairs or replacements.

Advantages of a clamper compared to traditional support (nails and screws)

       The use of clamps has several advantages compared to traditional fastening using nails and self-tapping screws:

  • Ease of Installation: Clippers are generally easier to install because they do not require driving nails or driving screws. This saves time and effort, especially with a large volume of work.
  • Stronger connection: Clamps provide a stronger connection between panels because they distribute the load over a larger surface area. At the same time, traditional fastening with nails or self-tapping screws can create a point load, which can lead to tears or damage to the material.
  • Invisibility: Clasps provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance because they are located under the surface of the panel and are not visible from the outside. This is especially important for projects where the aesthetic aspect is important, for example, in the interior.
  • Ease of repair: The use of clamps simplifies the process of disassembling and replacing panels if necessary. You can easily detach the clamps, remove the panel and reattach them without damaging the materials. With traditional fastening this can be more difficult and require additional work.
  • Flexibility Clamps allow greater flexibility when joining panels. They can compensate for some movements or changes in the size of the material that occur due to changes in temperature and humidity.

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Questions and Answers

How to choose and order clamps?

      To select and order clamps, you can use the services of specialized stores or online platforms, where you can find a wide selection of clamps of different types, sizes and materials, and also contact specialists for advice and assistance in choosing the appropriate clamps for your project.

Which clamps are better?

      The best clamps are those that meet your specific needs and project requirements, are of high quality workmanship and are suitable for joint type, material, size and load weight.

Which clamps should I buy in 2023?

       To select the appropriate clamps, purchase the appropriate clamps for the connection type, material, size and load weight of your project.

What are the prices for clamps in Dinmark?

      Prices for clamps can vary depending on many factors, such as the type of clamp, material and size.

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