ART 9745 Module for AluF22 EPDM glass

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ART 9745 Module for glass

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The ART 9745 module is an effective tool for fixing glass to a frame in furniture and construction. It consists of two parts - a base and a cover, between which the glass is fixed, ensuring the reliability and stability of the structure.

ART 9745 can be used for fixing glass to various structures such as furniture, doors, windows, partitions, etc. Its use allows not only to ensure reliable glass fixing, but also to create aesthetically pleasing structures that attract attention with their sophistication and reliability.
The module is made of high quality steel, which ensures its strength and resistance to loads. This material allows the fastener to be used even in harsh environments, ensuring durability and reliability of the structure.

Use the ART 9745 module to securely and aesthetically mount glass to various structures, ensuring safety and an attractive appearance for your product.

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