ART 9082 Washer-gasket EPDM

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ART 9082 Washer-gasket EPDM rubber

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StandardART 9082
Diameter, mm8, 10, 12
Height, mm13
Packaging, pcs.500
Field of applicationInstallation of..

Art 9082 is a special washer that is used primarily in conjunction with a combination screw and screwdriver to install into the mounting hole of a metal tile or corrugated board for mounting solar panels.

The main purpose of this washer is to provide sealing and insulation of the mounting hole in the roof structure during the installation of solar power plants.

The washer is made of EPDM rubber, which is resistant to wear, cracking, ozone and various weather conditions. This material can be used in a wide temperature range. The elasticity of EPDM rubber allows you to press it with a nut for a tighter fit and isolation of the hole.

Art 9082 is a specialized washer designed specifically for solar panel installation. Made of high quality EPDM rubber, it provides a reliable seal and insulation of the mounting hole, making it an ideal choice for installing solar power plants in various climatic conditions.

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