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How to register and place an order on the website?

Since we recently updated the site, we will help you register faster, place orders more often and earn more money!

  •  Detailed video instructions for registration and ordering you can find in this video:


  • After placing an order, the manager will call you to clarify the technical information, as the strength and durability of your business depends on all the parameters of the product.
  • If you have any questions before placing an order, you can write to us in the online chat, send an email to [email protected]

If you have any questions before placing an order, you can write to us in the online chat, send an email to [email protected]

How to use the site: find the product, find out the price, balance, delivery time?

To save 80% of your time and make quick decisions, we suggest you look at the features of the site that you may not have known:

  • Three options for searching for goods (by searching by codes, articles or product name you can quickly find a position without additional calls);
  • Unloading of nomenclature in yml format (we integrate our catalog of goods, prices and balances into your services);
  • How to view current prices and balances in warehouses (round-the-clock access to current prices and balances in warehouses);
  • How to order more than is in stock! Those who are not yet registered, we invite you to cooperate!


How to get an additional discount before ordering?

In order to get the best price you need:

1. Register on the site.

2. After registration in the office will be available several prices:

  • retail price
  • Your individual price (the manager after communication with the client gives the best price),
  • price at -3% (your individual price from -3% when ordering a larger volume),
  • price at -7% (your individual price from -7% when ordering even more volume).

3. If the price is on the site, but it is impossible to buy, it means that this product is not in stock, so you just click "Check Price" and we will look for this product from other suppliers who will have the best price.


How to quickly find a product on the site?

The necessary goods on the site can be found in several ways:

1. Normal search

  • All you have to do is enter the name of the product and a hint appears, what types of strength classes and materials of that product we have,
  • or enter the article of the product, which consists of numbers: standard-diameter-length (if any) -th strength class / material + coating,
  • or enter the popular name or analogue of the product,
  • gave a click Search.

2. Advanced search

  • In the Standard field, specify the DIN, GOST, AN or ISO that you are looking for or can choose from the drop-down list of standards,
  • Then, according to the selected standard, those Diameters, Lengths, Materials, Strength Classes and Coatings that meet this standard are offered,
  • With each field filled in, the search narrows, so you can see all the possible options for the product,
  • But click on "Search" and you get the search result - products that you can buy.

3. Main Menu / Catalog of goods

  • To view our entire range,
  • go to the category page "product catalog",
  • each category has subcategories through which you can also find the selected product,
  • or use the Filter on the left, where you can set standard parameters: strength class, material, coating, diameter, length, mounting group,
  • click "find" or if you want to search again "clear".


How do I know what with my order?

The personal account on the site allows you to follow in detail at what stage of processing your order is.

Watch a short video guide to order statuses:

There are the following order statuses:

  • New - the status of the newly created order, in the queue for consideration.
  • Confirmed - the order has been processed by the manager and agreed with you.
  • Completed - the order is packed in the warehouse and is waiting to be shipped.
  • Partially sent - part of the order has already been sent, the other is being completed.
  • Sent - the order is delivered to the place of receipt.
  • Canceled - order canceled.

Payment statuses:

  • Awaiting payment - the order must be paid according to the details specified in the invoice after talking to the manager.
  • Partially paid - prepaid order.
  • Paid - the order is fully paid.
How to recover your password on our site?

If you have lost your password or for some reason cannot log in to your personal account, you can use the "Forgot your password?" Button on the login page.

All you need to do is:

  • Enter your e-mail address that you used when registering (you will receive a confirmation letter);
  • Follow the link that will be provided in the letter;
  • And set a new password.

Your login information has been restored!

Why are there no prices for some products?

DINMARK is a company that works with suppliers from around the world. Ongoing cooperation and communication with our partners allows us to update prices and balances for our customers every day.

However, there are situations in which there may be no price for the product:

  • The product is waiting for a price update / the old price is no longer relevant;
  • No available in stock;
  • The number of pieces in the package is not specified.

However, you can use the "Custom" button, which is located in the product card. The manager will call you immediately and we will decide on the availability of the product you need.

How to use the calculator on the website?

1. Find the product you need.

2. Go to its page at the bottom of the counter, a table with a size grid, price and weight of the product is attached.

3. The last column of the table is called "Cost calculator" where you can specify the number of pieces you need.

4. The number of pieces in the package is indicated on the right side, and the weight of the package itself is below.

5. When changing the number of items, the order weight and price are automatically calculated.

6. If you add one or more products to the basket, the calculator will calculate the total weight of your order.

More details in the video

How to choose the best price and delivery time on

The website has implemented a new and unique functionality for registered users only, thanks to which you can

- choose the best price for fasteners yourself
- manage the delivery time of goods
- compare prices for different products in one window

In the new video, we show you in detail the new cool feature and invite you to use the site, as it is fast, convenient and cheaper to buy fasteners on it!

More details in the video

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