ART 9543 Transition plate

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ART 9543 A2 Transition plate

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Fastening groupStainless steel..
StandardART 9543
MaterialStainless steel..
Diameter, mm10, 12
Length, mm30
Packaging, pcs.100
Field of applicationInstallation of..

The adapter plate is a plate with a smaller hole that is fixed with two nuts on a "plumbing" stud that is screwed into the roof base. A guide profile is mounted to the longitudinal hole to secure the solar panel. The shape of this hole allows you to adjust the position of the profile by adjusting its level.

Adapter plate ART 9543 is designed for installation of rooftop solar power plants, providing reliable and stable mounting in various conditions.
It is made of A2 stainless steel, which provides high strength and corrosion resistance. This material guarantees a long service life of the adapter plate even in the most demanding conditions.

The adapter plate is uncoated, which makes it an ideal choice for use in solar power plants, providing maximum reliability and durability.

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