AN 217 zinc Wedge anchor


Technical characteristics

AN 217 zinc Wedge anchor
AN 217 zinc Wedge anchor креслення
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Expansion anchor a type of fasteners that has a detachable principle of operation. During installation, the expansion elements are opened and pressed against the walls of the hole. The weight of the structure held by the fastener affects the anchor, and the stronger this effect, the more decompression occurs, and accordingly, the stronger the structure is held.

Scope used for responsible installation; is mounted only in concrete and solid stone; material: galvanized steel, hot-dip galvanizing steel, stainless steel; the diameter of the hole in the base in which it is mounted and the diameter of the hole in the material to be fixed - must be clearly equal to the diameter of the anchor; withstands heavy loads on the break and cut; some manufacturers may have this type of anchor modified for installation in a stretched area of ​​concrete, and for dynamic loads.

It is used for fastening of columns and support; fastening of the equipment in shop premises; fastening of racking systems; in elevator shafts and for lifting equipment; fastening of facade systems and other metal structures.

Material stainless steel. 

Coating Zinc (Plated) protects against corrosion if you plan to use fasteners in aggressive conditions.

AN 217 zinc Wedge anchor
AN 217 zinc Wedge anchor креслення
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StandardAN 217ART 9004Анкер ETKDART 9362
Diameter, mm6810121620
Length, mm1660758090100110115120125130135140145150160165180200220225240250280300320
Packaging, pcs.46810152025303550901001201251502002402503004004805006001000
Thread typeMetric
Threading step, mm11.251.51.7522.5
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