DIN 933 8,8 hexagon head Bolt with full thread


Technical characteristics

DIN 933 8,8 hexagon head Bolt with full thread
DIN 933 8,8 hexagon head Bolt with full thread креслення
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A fully threaded Bolt is a fastener consisting of a hexagonal head and a stud on which a metric thread is applied along its entire length.

Scope The DIN 933 bolt is used for connection and fastening of details, designs in construction and mechanical engineering.

Material high-strength structural alloy steel. High strength class 8,8 allows the use of bolts for high-load connections.

Without coverage

Analogs are GOST 7805 (with full thread), GOST 7798 and DIN 931 (with partial thread), ISO 4017, PN 82105.

DIN 933 8,8 hexagon head Bolt with full thread
DIN 933 8,8 hexagon head Bolt with full thread креслення
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Fastening groupHigh-strength fastening
StandardDIN 933ГОСТ 7805-70
OEM numbers040496 Geringhoff237375 Claas237463 Claas237358 Claas237465 Claas215144 Claas237573 Claas237456 Claas237571 Claas238125 Claas242466 Claas242436 Claas235536 Claas 238151 Claas237444 Claas237438 Claas235220 Claas233918 Claas233533 Claas233020 Claas212342 Claas237373 Claas235586 Claas233558 Claas233414 Claas244387 Claas772254 Claas233574 Claas237759 Claas244378 Claas237570 Claas040947 Geringhoff244223 Claas235535 Claas19M7935 John Deere237384 Claas239049 Claas215010 Claas 233893 Claas233405 Claas238976 Claas233999 Claas216100 Claas19M7169 John Deere040683 Geringhoff215695 Claas237442 Claas239302 Claas214590 Claas236328 Claas237382 Claas040407 Geringhoff235223 Claas236056 Claas235532 Claas233572 Claas237461 Claas233244 Claas211058 Claas237466 Claas238094 Claas237464 Claas236200 Claas237439 Claas237874 Claas237453 Claas238127 Claas
Strength class8.8
Diameter, mm34567810121416182022242730333639424548
Length, mm5681012141618202225283035404550556065707580859095100110120130140150160170180190200210220230240250260280300320340360380400420500600
Packaging, pcs.1510255060100200250500
Type of carvingFull
Thread typeMetric
Threading step, mm0.50.70.811.251.51.7522.533.544.55
Turnkey size, mm5.57810111317192224273032364146505560657075
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