ART 9583 Clamp at an angle

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ART 9583 A2 Clamp at an angle

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Fastening groupStainless steel..
StandardART 9583
MaterialStainless steel..
Diameter, mm10
Field of applicationInstallation of..

The ART 9583 A2 Angle Clamp is a metal clamp designed to fix ropes or cables at an angle to a vertical surface. It consists of a base and a clamping plate, which allows you to securely fasten the rope or cable.

The angled clamp is used in construction and industry to create a secure attachment of cables or ropes at an angle. It can be mounted on vertical walls, poles, racks, and other structures. The use of an angle clamp allows for efficient use of space and ensures that cables or ropes are securely fastened at the desired angle.

The angled clamp is made of A4 stainless steel, which ensures its strength and corrosion resistance. This makes it suitable for use in high temperature extremes and in aggressive and humid environments.
The ART 9583 A2 Angle Clamp is a reliable and effective tool for fixing ropes or cables at an angle in construction and industry. Made of high quality material, it ensures durability and reliability in operation even in the most demanding conditions.

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