Screw DIN 915 M6x35 A4


Technical characteristics

Screw DIN 915 M6x35 A4
Screw DIN 915 M6x35 A4 креслення
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Field of applicationFurniture industry
Turnkey size, mm3
Threading step, mm1
StandardDIN 915, ГОСТ 11075-93, ISO 4028, PN 82316
Fastening groupStainless steel fasteners
Diameter, mm6
Length, mm35
MaterialStainless steel A4
Popular nameGujon
Type of carvingFull
SlotHexagonal (INBUS)
Thread typeMetric
Packaging, pcs.200
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Screw DIN 915 M6x35 A4
Screw DIN 915 M6x35 A4 креслення
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The installation screw is a metal fastening product that has the appearance of a rod with a full thread. The main difference between a set screw and other types is the absence of a head, a cap. At its ends, there are special protrusions or recesses of the slots, with the help of which the connection and fixation of the structural parts are strengthened.

Scope of application Steel set screw with a trunnion (gujon, threaded pin) It is used to fix two and more main parts. using a thread. It has a slot - an internal hexagon. Not resistant to corrosion.

The material of manufacture is stainless steel. The A4 steel grade allows you to use fasteners with significant temperature changes and in an aggressive and humid environment.

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